Twelve Tips to Accelerate Community Recovery

Catastrophes call for transformative change to a more resilient future. Leaders need to retool conventional thinking and decision-making to help their communities forward despite deep uncertainty. Keep these twelve tips at the top of your list.

Regional Resilience Toolkit

An approach for large-scale disaster planning and action that can be used for COVID-19 recovery work. Cities, regions, and states across the country are facing a moment of intense turbulence and uncertainty as we wrestle with decades of social injustice in the midst of a global pandemic. Though many communities have planned for or grappled…

What is The Little Think Tank?

The Little Think Tank is a group of academic and public policy experts focusing on resilient recovery action for American communities. Convened during the 2020 Covid-19 shutdown, TLTT’s seven members review, curate, and develop transformative solutions for today’s public, private and community leaders. Their cumulative, multi-disciplinary experience brings together the best of leading edge research and practice.…

Twelve Tips to Accelerate Community Recovery

Making Sense of Pandemic Recovery Across the country, people are looking to local leaders to help manage the stress and fear of this new and unknown disease.  Leaders are called on to craft a recovery strategy that not only opens up the economy but protects lives.  As social distancing disrupts our schools, jobs, the economy, and recreation, communities…

New Paper: Post Epidemic Recovery

Please see this recent paper of post-epidemic recovery, published in May, 2020 in journal Clinical Infectious Diseases. It was authored by The Little Think Tank co-founder Monica Schoch-Spana, Senior Scientist at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, Department of Environmental Health and Engineering.