EPA & FEMA Regional Resilience Toolkit
The Regional Resilience Toolkit provides a framework to help partners across a region define what resilience in the COVID-19 era. The Toolkit offers five steps that consolidate varied planning processes, align goals and actions, and make it easier for communities to obtain funding for projects that cut across different planning areas.

Twelve Tips to Accelerate Community Recovery
Now is the time to retool conventional thinking and decision-making, opening the door for transformative change to a more resilient future.

Post Epidemic Recovery
How patients and their families, health organizations, community sectors, and entire societies recuperate from major outbreaks requires more systematic study and better translation into policy and guidance. To help remedy this neglected aspect of health emergency management, we offer a working definition for epidemic recovery and a preliminary model of post-epidemic recovery. 

The Little Think Tank is a group of academic and public policy experts focusing on resilient recovery action for American communities. Convened during the 2020 Covid-19 shutdown, TLTT’s seven members review, curate, and develop transformative solutions for today’s public, private and community leaders. Their cumulative, multi-disciplinary experience brings together the best of leading edge research and practice.

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